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Machine Moving

Customized Rigging is based in Omaha, NE but serves a wide area of clients. In the industrial field, Customized Rigging can move your equipment in or out of a showroom or a factory floor.  From a single small machine to a mid-size plant move, we can provide you with experienced, knowledgeable personnel using modern and clean equipment.  We will be in and out of your facility with minimal disruption to your production while providing safe and efficient service.  From lathes and presses to injection molding machines and everything in between, we have the experience necessary to ensure a smooth machine move.

In the medical field, Customized Rigging personnel have the experience in coordinating and moving MRI’s, CT’s, nuclear cameras, X-ray rooms, etc. in and out of rooms from small clinics to large hospitals.  We work with some of the top manufacturers in the medical equipment industry.  We are aware at all times of the sensitive nature of not only the equipment we are handling, but also the work environment we are working in.